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The Data

It all comes down to data. The core element underpining ENGINE’s unique place as the go-to tool for bunker and shippping professionals in general, is it’s data. Building a data pool is more of a journey, rather than one-off effort. That’s why ENGINE puts at the center of its strategy the relentless growth of its existing data streams, and the incorporation of new ones.


Arguably, the single most important data stream are prices. They are the essence of ENGINE’s price assessment and the most sought after feature within the platform. Prices are fed in real time as transactions occur giving users the unique view of the real action as it happens. No assessments, no perceptions, just real prices.


Probably the most overlooked aspect of marine fuels procurement, but by no means the least relevant. To make an difficult aspect simple, ENGINE’s Data Gathering team continuously collects, processes and compares GTCs of the main physical suppliers, so ENGINE users can have them ready in a simple format at the moment of making procurement decisions.

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