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Biofuel bunkering with FincoEnergies’ Johannes Schurmann

12 June 2024

Visual of front page of brochure with Finco Energies on the cover

In this exclusive interview, ENGINE speaks to FincoEnergies’ commercial director Johannes Schurmann to explore some of the more pressing questions and challenges around biofuels for bunkering.

Marine biofuel specialist FincoEnergies has been in the ARA market for several years and established itself as perhaps the world’s biggest supplier of biofuel blends to ships.

Managing Editor, Erik Hoffmann sits down for an in-depth interview to find out… have there been a lot of teething issues so far, where are we now, and what will a more GHG-regulated marine fuel future look like?

Key takeaways include:

  • The unexpected benefit from tricky biofuel tracers
  • New document could unbreak the chain of sustainability
  • Triple-stacked regulations and rebates to spur fresh biofuel demand
  • Shying away from unfamiliar bio price indexes can be risky




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