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Financial viability of fuel oil vs. alternatives under EU ETS and FuelEU Maritime

25 April 2024

Recorded Live at Shipping & Risk Management 2024

Managing Editor, Erik Hoffmann, delivers a talk at the risk management conference hosted by Freight Investor Services in Athens.

In this 20-minute presentation, Erik provides insights on the financial attractiveness of different alternative fuels as compared to conventional fuels, and the impact that environmental regulations will have on their rate of adoption:

▪️ Biofuel bunker blends are getting more widespread, but major challenges persist related to feedstocks and sustainability documentation
▪️ Gas looks good on price and availability, for now
▪️ E-fuels are still held back by limited power-to-x capacity, but you will not necessarily need that much of it per ship initially
▪️ The EU ETS has so far just been a carbon tax without being a fuel switching trigger for EU-trading ships. Can FuelEU Maritime come to the rescue for decarbonisation?

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About the Speaker

As Managing Editor of the ENGINE News desk, Erik leads a team of journalists who utilise data, first-hand reporting and market knowledge to cover the marine fuels sector and the decarbonisation of shipping.

Erik is a member of the IBIA Alternative Fuels Working Group and regularly delivers talks on future fuels, shipping’s green energy transition, environmental regulations, and the impact of geopolitical events on shipping. Erik is currently working on a research project to map the global biofuels supply chain and develop robust biofuel bunker pricing benchmarks.



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