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Seizing bunker market opportunities
using data

27 October 2022


Geopolitical events, evolving industry regulations and fuel availability are all challenges that bunker buyers must navigate. In this 50 minute webinar, our experts discuss how shipowners and bunker buyers can leverage ENGINE’s historical and live market data to their advantage. Topics covered include:

• Global price trends and how they have impacted bunker purchasing
• How some popular bunkering ports can become less competitive on price
• Bunker fuel quality and why it should influence buying strategies
• How to look up trends and port-specific ENGINE news stories to keep on top of the market, and more


Anton Shamray has been involved in developing ENGINE from the start, building on his experience as a research analyst, bunker buyer and petroleum surveyor. His past projects include developing a bunker pricing algorithm, fuel quality analytics, helping in the IMO2020 transition and improving bunker buying processes, among others.

Journalist and Content Manager Erik Hoffmann writes about the shipping and marine fuel industries and was a Senior Reporter for Argus Media. As the force behind ENGINE’s news desk, Erik’s team reports reliable and timely information about the global bunker markets.


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