The world’s first marine fuel benchmarking platform



Bunkering for the digital age

Generating more control and clarity, ENGINE is the smart way to equip your organisation for the challenges ahead.

It is a unique technology platform built by industry experts, data scientists and software developers.

ENGINE enables shipowners and bunker buyers to benchmark, develop and evaluate effective fuel procurement strategies.

For the first time, you can benchmark against your peers and on a global basis.


24/7 access to a centralised knowledge bank of anonymised stem transaction data, external information streams and live news feeds.

The data bank grows hourly. Gain a unique vantage point of the whole market, not just your own activity.


A suite of powerful business intelligence tools enables you to benchmark your pricing performance and interrogate a global database.

Vitally, it enables your fuel strategy to be adjusted swiftly based on real-time data.


A modern, easy-to-use platform built to closely match bunkers’ trading practices. 

Places you in control and backed by unsurpassed bunkering intelligence.

A transparent, compliant, auditable and secure process.

Disruption is already evident, the status quo is being challenged

The dynamics of shipping are changing. IMO 2020 is already impacting the bunkering environment and supply chain.

Concern over fuel price volatility, quality and availability is already evident. A less than transparent sector will become even more opaque.

Post 2020, information will be king

The demand for global fuel knowledge will be unprecedented as smart owners seek more clarity and certainty.

Those that adopt future-focused practices with timely data and bunkering intelligence at the core, will gain the competitive edge.

Knowledge about price, quality and availability will be crucial to all.

Efficient bunkering will be the responsibility of many

Efficient bunkering is no longer just the bunker buyer’s issue. The new fuel landscape will have ramifications across organisations. Everyone in the shipping chain will be impacted by disruption.

Owners, charterers, operators and bunker buyers will all need to be more involved in the bunkering process.

Being connected with the same bunkering intelligence and data can optimise a bunkering strategy.


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