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Higher bunker prices result in 50% more claims

Higher bunker prices are resulting in 50% more claims

The ENGINE analyst desk investigates:

  • All-time high bunker prices lead to a sharp increase in bunker claims, surpassing the previous high seen during the IMO2020 transition
  • More claims in a high-price environment can result in much higher financial losses
  • Higher water content in fuel oil and an increase in VLSFO viscosity seen amid a lack of blending components


A Practical Guide to Marine Fuel Hedging


With fuel prices experiencing increased volatility in an ever-changing world, how do ship owners best navigate their way around this? Our expert panel engage in a wide-ranging discussion on the oil markets, marine fuel hedging and the various strategies that can be employed to help manage pricing risk. Topics covered during this 45-minute session include:

  • Recent trends in the oil markets and an introduction to fuel hedging
  • IMO2020 changes, HSFO, VLSFO, and how this has impacted hedging activities
  • Practical considerations when it comes to hedging and basis risk
  • Views on the effectiveness of hedging and common pitfalls

Our speaking panel consists of global freight and commodity derivatives brokers, Freight Investor Services, leading fuel management services provider Integr8 Fuels, and ENGINE’s in-house experts.